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Visit this area of the website for free downloads of jazz charts, solos, ensemble warm-ups and more. If you like what you see, or if you feel like you’ve learned something from a piece of music found here, send me an email and let me know. It’ll make me feel good about myself, and I can share the good vibes with others!

A Tool for the Jazz Educator

One of the joys of teaching jazz is learning new tricks and tools from other teachers. In this case, I’m sharing some information that I’ve tweaked from another source. Below, please find the scale sheets for treble and bass clef instruments as well as the matrix that each student receives. At the end of the year, students will play 48 scales from memory before moving on in the jazz program.
Scale Matrix
Bass Clef Scales
Treble Clef Scales

Chick Corea Trio Transcription

Presented for your enjoyment is a transcription of a couple of choruses of “My One and Only Love” as played by the Chick Corea Trio on the Akoustic Band CD — which seems to be priced at a premium on Amazon these days.

As you know, studying transcriptions is an important way to further your understanding of jazz. In this case, I was interested at looking at the piano solo as well as the interaction between the members of the trio.
Chick Corea Trio Transcription (pdf file)
Chick Corea Trio audio (mp3 from MIDI file)


Just a Minor Mix-up is a combo chart that focuses on – surprise – the minor scale. Five of them to be exact (Cmi, Bbmi, Abmi, Gmi, Fmi). Use it as part of your standard combo repertoire as a tool to teach improvisational skills, blues licks, and anything else you normally do. Experiment with the bridge on the head by letting one or two players (split 4 bars each with 2 players) improvise over the changes. It’s an easy chart and should get your students playing changes right away.

Download (mp3, 3.1 MB) an accompaniment track with bass, piano and drums. Use it to practice blowing over the changes and playing the head.
Full Score
Bb Parts
Eb Parts
Bass Clef Parts


Earth, solo piano introduction (12 bars) as performed by Bob Florence (from the album Earth: The Bob Florence Limited Edition)

Some music downloads require the Sibelius Scorch plugin.