Syncing Dual System Audio in Final Cut Pro

The main problem with today’s HDSLR cameras is the poor quality audio they capture. This is a small obstacle to overcome with the super-affordable, high quality-audio-capturing Zoom H1
. The problem then becomes syncing the two sources in post production.

Assuming you’ve used a slate or hand clap to give a solid point to align the two audio waveforms, the method I describe here is basically broken into three parts:
Mark an In point on the precise subframe for both audio only and video by shift dragging and releasing the playhead to achieve subframe editing.
Align all video and audio In points in separate tracks in the Timeline then delete the unwanted audio tracks and link the remaining video and audio (Command-L or Modify > Link).
Drag the newly linked video and audio into an organized bin in the Browser to create a new master clip that will keep the linkage you’ve just defined.

I find it to be a relatively fast process — as long as I’m not making a screencast about it while I’m doing it. 😉 Eventually I might find myself syncing dual system audio enough to justify the purchase of PluralEyes. As it is now, I kind of enjoy the marking, linking, and organizing process.

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