Zoom H1 Wind Noise Test

Here’s a test in 3 versions, all recorded in what I would describe as a light to medium wind.

The first is with no windscreen. Results are poor as expected.

The second is with a homemade dead cat — thanks to my neighbor for sewing it together for me! I think I’ll keep my eyes peeled for different fake furs and see if I can find one that isn’t so conspicuous. On second thought, the T2i with the H1 mounted on top may as well have a leopard print windscreen. It’s not like I’m sneaking around anywhere with it.

The third is with a standard issue windscreen.

I know they also make a windscreen that’s built specifically for the H1, but it doesn’t look like it’s anything too special and I don’t really need the rest of the goods that come with the $25 accessory kit.

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